Muslim Man Slaughters British Soldier 7

Warning: This is a bit graphic.

Yesterday in London, two Muslim men struck an off-duty British solider with their car and slaughtered him with knives and machetes in the streets near the Royal Artillery Barracks.

With his hands covered in blood,  the killer (28 year old Michael Adebolajo) has the audacity to attempt to justify his actions to a nearby camera. “No no no, it’s cool,” he says to the camera-man. “I just want to talk to you.”

Still gripping his weapons, he launches into a tirade about the British government and its offenses against Muslim people. “We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” He encourages his viewers to overthrow their government.

I can’t speak intelligently about his gripes with the British government. For all I know, there could be widespread persecution of Muslims across the pond. I’ll grant him his grievance  Let’s say, just for a moment, that he’s entirely right. Let’s assume his concerns are valid.

I hope he understands that it’s really hard for us to give a shit about his troubles after brutally murdering a non-combatant in a peaceful place. It’s hard for me to appreciate his plight after that sort of violence. All I’m (and most of Britain, I’m sure) is concerned about is locking that animal away.

The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the slaughter, denouncing it “a barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and which we condemn unreservedly.”

No basis in Islam? Please.

I could cite a hundred references in the Quran that advocate brutality. Each of the Abrahamic religions have similar provisions. Islam’s most prolific prophet was a warmonger and tyrant. Muslim political leaders in civilized parts of the world keep trying to pawn this “peaceful religion” mantra on to us all the time. They say these people are the outliers, the misguided. I disagree. I think Islamic murderers and bombers are the most faithful of their faith. These are Islam’s perfect soldiers.

I’m not saying Islam is more violent than other religions. I couldn’t without a study of violent incidents committed throughout the world. (Such a study could never be accurate.) But it certainly is violent and does advocate brutality and slaughtering of those who offend it. If civilized Muslims want to recreate their religion as an institution of peace – and I completely support that – then they need to come out and admit that their holy book is erroneous.

  • Rob Weaver

    A non-combatant? In a peaceful place? He was an Imperial soldier for the Queen who has historically occupied, invaded and destroyed the entire world and continues to do so with the Americans! Many millions they have killed and when one of them is killed “oh the horror!”. England is a peaceful place because they rain their destruction down upon peaceful nations who cannot fight back in the same manner.And you are horrified from a little blowback? Your supremacist audacious self centered righteous indignation is typically British.

    • yvrobinson20

      I understand what you are saying about political oppression, but I think the the article was more focused on the crime’s religious motivation.

    • Joey K

      Quite the conspiracy theorist, aren’t you?

    • Jimmy Vex

      I’m gonna agree with Rob on this one. Peace (peaceful) in a land of HUGE disparity, racism, torture, lies, stealing, murder, spying, etc, comes from having a very very heavy hand. and this soldier just so happened to be one of the fingers of that hand.

      Why is this murder some how dramatically different then flying a drone around, shooting someone in the head, and then going home to your family at the end of the day? They are both murder.

      Is it because the British/American government/people are more (morally) right for some reason? I certainly don’t think so.

  • andyf

    I used to have a bit of sympathy for the Islamic lot- Israel squatting on their land, our soldiers shooting em and occupying em.
    now, after seeing this…?
    Im thinking nerve gas , it kills quickly and doesn’t destroy infrastructure.
    empty villages don’t cause problems,
    Churchill was right
    we, in this country , have taken a poisonous asp to our bosom, and now its biting.
    its a monstrous religion and wherever it is, if its members feel they have numerical superiority, they will try to take over.
    Its here now. I give the US a decade

    • Joey K

      That’s the worst thing I’ve ever read.

  • yvrobinson20